Nothing In Your Life Still? Your Constant Flow Is Creating Your World

Be In Your Constant Flow — Ronny Sison, Unsplash

As we approach the September equinox, I am reminded nothing in life is still, everything is in a constant flow of undulating-cyclical change. And whilst cycles repeat eternally, each new one brings a fresh opportunity to reflect on experiences we have gained.

Questioning have we used their full potential? Utilising them to step further along the path we have chosen.

Birth Your Life In The Constant Flow Of Uncertainty

To do so is to merge into the space between the in and the out-breaths. As the days grow shorter here in the Northern hemisphere, so we are taken inward. …


Identify what is stopping you from accelerating your life

Your Opportunity To Dream — Jaime Handley, Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why so much “wishing” rather than opportunity is woven into the fabric of our society?

We are encouraged to make a wish when we blow out the candles on our birthday cake.

To wish you a good weekend or holiday

And also to make a wish when you toss coins into a wishing well or fountain.

Perhaps you learnt to make a wish when you see the first star of the night?

How many other actions have you linked to making a wish?

At first glance, this tradition seems harmless, even charming.

After all, they encourage…


The Revelations Of Your Truth Are Waiting To Be Revealed

Revelations To Be Revealed —Ankhesenamun, Unsplash

November is a pivotal month with choices to be made as its revelations appear. Many of these choices will affect you for months or years to come.

Much will be reaching a conclusion this month as the pivot point is passed. The issues will be those which have been bubbling beneath the surface for months, years or lifetimes.

Until the 22nd the Sun is in the intense fixed Water sign of Scorpio. Ruled by Pluto; the planet of transformation, it is seeking to bring to the surface deeply buried emotions.


Have those hard conversations you have long pushed aside

Awareness — Jen Theodore, Unsplash

Full moons are about bringing aspects of our life to our awareness and so completion. This is when we acknowledge those beliefs that keep us from being in harmony with others, Mother Earth and ourselves.

They are always a moment of culmination and endings. They also bring clarity — bringing to light all that has previously been hidden.⁠⁠

The full moon on the very last day of October, challenged us all to do so. Startling news may also come to light.

The good news is that all this tension and adversity help expose the roots of our challenges, both individually…

You Need To Take The Wheel To Steer In YOUR Direction

Take The Wheel— Maximilian Weisbecker, Unsplash

The new moon in Libra on 16th October called us to take the wheel, to steer in the direction of our choice. It also brings opportunities to choose how we want the future to be.

Libra is the sign of the peacemaker. Its lessons are those of collaboration, partnership, and taking a moment to walk in another person’s shoes. Libra is asking if we want to create a more peaceful world?

Take Hold Of The Wheel Of Your Life

The new moon asks us to take action to begin the creation of the world we desire. This comes from taking seemingly small, personal actions. Ones which will often…

A Guide to Freeing You to Create Your Life by listening to the messages from your body

Image by author

Are you in a state of denial? Perhaps even denying you should have incarnated?

This shadow is by definition a blind spot as you are unaware you are in denial!

What we are unable to see is that our lives are a series of reactions driven by our feelings. We want more of what feels good — joy, pleasure, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. And, less of what feels a challenge — anxiety, fear, sadness, cortisol, and adrenaline.

All of our actions in life are propelled by the desire for pleasure and avoidance of pain and suffering.


Our part in evolution is to be ourselves

To Play A Part —Luis Arias, Unsplash

Whilst one person alone cannot change the world, the Aquarius full moon on the 22nd was a reminder every single person can, and does, have to play a part in creating collective change.

The energy of the full moon encouraged radical change in our own lives. Increasingly, the six months since the last new moon in Aquarius have indicated small tweaks are no longer enough.

Aquarius Will Challenge Your Status Quo

The intense last degree of Aquarius, meant this moon brought acceptance of the need for change, and the strength and maturity to carry it out. That is staying in the present moment. …


A Shaman´s perspective

The Process of Transition — Bankim Desai, Unspalsh

This past weekend I have been guiding a group of visitors through the process of transition using plant medicine. Each has experienced many ups and downs in their lives. They have also had their spiritual awakening, yet are unsure as to their direction. Let alone the next steps to take.

Spiritual awakening is not just the goal of spiritual practice. It is the ultimate possibility for humanity.

Humanity Chose To Dis-Connect From Source

Many write about focusing your energy on letting go and letting things be. Yet often life only changes at the margins, not at the core. …


Ho´oponopono can help free your life

When You Free Your Life… — Dominik Reallife, Unsplash

So much is in transition, yet you need to free your life enough before you can arrive at the new version. At the moment, we are in a state of flux with a flow of the unexpected.

Being in the process of leaving one state and preparing for the new is also evident on the planets. For we are almost at the mid-point between the unusual two consecutive full moons in Aquarius — the sign of our new age.

The Triple Alignment To Free Your Life

Adding to this state of flux, on 8th August the Sun will be at the mid-point of its annual transit through…


We alone have the choice which path to walk

The Transition Is Underway To — Katarzyna Grabowska, Unsplash

Transition is underway, how we ride through this change will determine the future we are creating. Creating meaning and purpose in our lives comes in equal parts from hope, courage and inspiration as well as the reality checks of discipline and application. Ultimately, these all rely on the level of trust we have in ourself.

The Aquarius full moon on 24th July opened the opportunity to boldly claim the future we want to see. Unusually, 2021 has two Aquarius full moons in a row — suggesting Spirit really does want us to master the lessons of Aquarius.⁠

Aquarius Is About The “Us”

As the Water…

Gregory Reece-Smith

Author. Creator, the Shamanic CEO and beyond. This diverse experience is reflected in my stories — my free e-book, 7 Mystical Ways is here: www.shamanicceo.com

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