When we are still we can build faith to go forward on our path

Your Sustainable Life — Robert Thiemann, Unsplash

You have the power to shape your own sustainable life. Envision how you want your life to be, though never limit yourself to conventional ideas of “success” — instead imagine beyond the horizon.

This is the moment to create the plans that will take you to where you desire your life to be. A dreamy and rebellious new moon in Taurus will help you do so.

The Taurus New Moon Aligns With Your Truth

Rising early evening on 11th May, it is encouraging us all to plant seeds in the shadows; nurture ideas, and explore our passions internally during periods of deep introspection. …


Identify what is stopping you from accelerating your life

Your Opportunity To Dream — Jaime Handley, Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why so much “wishing” rather than opportunity is woven into the fabric of our society?

We are encouraged to make a wish when we blow out the candles on our birthday cake.

To wish you a good weekend or holiday

And also to make a wish when you toss coins into a wishing well or fountain.

Perhaps you learnt to make a wish when you see the first star of the night?

How many other actions have you linked to making a wish?

At first glance, this tradition seems harmless, even charming.

After all, they encourage…


The Revelations Of Your Truth Are Waiting To Be Revealed

Imbalance in your life is created by absorbing the energies of others as well as their responsibilities

Revelations To Be Revealed —Ankhesenamun, Unsplash

November is a pivotal month with choices to be made as its revelations appear. Many of these choices will affect you for months or years to come.

Much will be reaching a conclusion this month as the pivot point is passed. The issues will be those which have been bubbling beneath the surface for months, years or lifetimes.

Until the 22nd the Sun is in the intense fixed Water sign of Scorpio. Ruled by Pluto; the planet of transformation, it is seeking to bring to the surface deeply buried emotions.


Have those hard conversations you have long pushed aside

Awareness — Jen Theodore, Unsplash

Full moons are about bringing aspects of our life to our awareness and so completion. This is when we acknowledge those beliefs that keep us from being in harmony with others, Mother Earth and ourselves.

They are always a moment of culmination and endings. They also bring clarity — bringing to light all that has previously been hidden.⁠⁠

The full moon on the very last day of October, challenged us all to do so. Startling news may also come to light.

The good news is that all this tension and adversity help expose the roots of our challenges, both individually…

You Need To Take The Wheel To Steer In YOUR Direction

Your deeper connection to the creator is waiting to be discovered

Take The Wheel— Maximilian Weisbecker, Unsplash

The new moon in Libra on 16th October called us to take the wheel, to steer in the direction of our choice. It also brings opportunities to choose how we want the future to be.

Libra is the sign of the peacemaker. Its lessons are those of collaboration, partnership, and taking a moment to walk in another person’s shoes. Libra is asking if we want to create a more peaceful world?

Take Hold Of The Wheel Of Your Life

The new moon asks us to take action to begin the creation of the world we desire. This comes from taking seemingly small, personal actions. Ones which will often…

It is not selfish to take care of yourself, rather it is essential

Trusting Your Path Of Change — Jon Tyson, Unsplash

In many ways we are stepping onto a new path of change. We have moved into a period where consciousness itself is evolving. Which means as our beings are changing, so do our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Do our bodies go through any kind of trauma when we are evolving spiritually and shape shifting into different beings? The answer seems to be yes as in the past few weeks my body has regularly slipped into trembling mode to release trauma.

The Scorpio Full Moon Helps You Birth

Suggesting the very process also needs space for the integration which must follow.

Early on 27th April the…


Your actions, your words, your energy create evolutionary change

The Tipping Point — Charriot Zhai, Unsplash

Humanity is approaching a tipping point in its evolution. Does the speed of change we are all experiencing excite you? It does me as the fog of the chaos of transition begins to clear.

In seeking to make sense of the transition which is underway I was guided to review two models to create some form from the current swirling mists.

The Tipping Point In The Mayan Calendar

This began with the many pieces written about the “End of Time” in 2012 — or at least this was an interpretation expressed by some with regard to the Mayan calendar.

According to the Toltec/Aztec calendar, which describes larger…


This is the moment for the current version of you to pass on

Commit To Your New Direction — Ethan Sykes, Unsplash

A new direction is appearing in your life, a deep impulse, a strong inner desire to walk your truth, own your light and break free from any restraints of family or social conditioning.

Do you feel the push to take that leap of faith in a new direction? This flows from our April new moon being in the first sign of the zodiac — Aries. A fire sign it always seeks transformation.

Five additional elements were also in Aries very early in the morning of 12th April, making this an intense new moon period.

Connect To Your Inner Children

Aries is saying do not overthink…

Medium Publications by ILLUMINATION Writers

Harmony In Your Life — Tim Mossholder, Unsplash


Experiencing pain and discomfort and unsure as to the direction you are heading? Instead of consulting external sources, why not read the stories of others who have successfully navigated the change resolution involved.

To help readers find such stories and make their own choice as to the action they can take, I created this publication Creating Harmony In Your Life. It is designed as a forum containing outstanding curated content ready to be served to readers everywhere.

Personal stories of how other writers Creating Harmony in their own lives wanted a space to share. …

Gregory Reece-Smith

I upset people´s beliefs so they are Free to Accelerate their Life. Creator and the Shamanic CEO. My free e-book, 7 Mystical Ways is here: www.shamanicceo.com

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