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Find Your Dream and Live It

We are now in the last half of 2019 and each of us is being asked to focus on finding our dream. To start our life afresh, set new directions and remind us of our original inspirations. By renewing the dream we have for our life, we create the freedom our soul desires. The next six months are to ensure our seeds are planted.

Ready For Your Path To Be Changed?

2nd July brought a total solar eclipse as well as new moon in Cancer. The combination meant more than just new beginnings. We are being asked to dig deep into our shadow.

What has been eclipsed in your life? Your light? Your power? Your purpose? Your own needs?

It marks a gateway into a very different future, one it will not be easy to navigate our way through if we still carry too much baggage.

Which is why you may notice patterns repeating and old issues you thought you had addressed appearing again. You have the next six months to act on any messages from your body to pull them up by the roots rather than just cut them down.

For millennia, eclipses have been considered omens — sometimes feared, other times celebrated. The magic and beauty of eclipses is how they affect the collective consciousness, not only each of us.

Eclipses have the power to change your path….

…. And open up possibilities that you may have previously believed impossible.

Taking place in the Cancer-Capricorn axis, the series and July’s eclipse in particular are telling a very, very specific story. Setting a really important and interesting context for the rest of 2019.

The Cancer Capricorn Axis is….?

Cancer is a water sign and ruled by the moon. It is the sign of the Sacred Feminine, the creative Mother energy and the nurturer. It has a yearning to create, restore or return to home. Family, relationships, nurturing and tenderness will be opened up.

Using this description of your internal frame of reference, Capricorn takes that and makes it public in a career setting. It is an Earth sign and as such encourages method, being business like and making good use of money.

It is the sign of the Father. Ultimately, this axis is calling for the integration of yin/yang, strength/softness, mother/father archetypes. Re-balancing hierarchical structures to have less hierarchy and more life-affirming, life enriching, life supporting structure.

For the axis is about where we come from and where we are heading. Accepting the very intricate inseparable relationship between those two points.

It is at the core of the activations in 2019 and throughout next year. It is one of the most powerful astrological events humanity has experienced in the last 500 years. 1518 was in the middle of a period of transformation, one instance being the reformation to break from the Catholic church. Another the Portuguese expansion of trade to China and Japan.

The eclipse in Cancer precedes the lunar one at the full moon in Capricorn on 16th July. These are followed at the end of 2019 by more eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn, leading to the powerful combination in early January 2020 — the year of perfect vision!

Cancer has the emphasis on emotional security and nurturing. Capricorn on worldly material security. Usually we have a preference for one over the other.

Ultimately your role regarding these two, the Mother and Father archetypes will move into full focus.

What Decisions Do You Need to Take to Live Your Dream?

You will have some decisions to make to live your dream, ask yourself:

  • What can you let go so you achieve a work life balance?
  • How can you nurture yourself as if you are your own child?
  • What can you do to deepen your connection so you feel more emotionally connected and supported?

Tony Robbins confirmed the main obstacle to living your dreams in an article in Inc. as fear. To quote “they are afraid that if they are not busy and they fail, they will feel they are not enough, and hence unlovable. They will start putting labels on themselves. And these labels are a way to show: ‘See, it’s not me, it’s this thing I have. I have this ADD or something.’ It’s a vicious cycle. Fear is what stops people.”

Humanity is at a tipping point, moving from a patriarchal society to one at the mid-point of the axis.

Confirmation of the nature of this was provided to me as I was writing this post. A client emailed to say the light beings had been in touch “to say it has begun short and sweet — the message was for you.”

Healing the relationship with ourself and others will be at the core of this transition. One of the most powerful and simple shamanic processes to do so is completing Ho´o Pono Pono. You can download and follow my voice as it guides you through the sentences of “I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.

Remember Late 2000?

Eclipses repeat in the same part of the zodiac every 19 years — July 2000 in this case. Suggesting one cycle has now ended and a new one is beginning — with a similar theme in your life. Consider what was set in motion then and the transformation that unfolded in your life in the second half of 2000?

Any similar themes appearing now? How can you learn from the lessons of the past and be more aligned with your mission?

This total eclipse is really raising your vibrations and because of its harmonious contact to Uranus you are focusing on your direction. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and we are moving into the Aquarian age.

Aquarius governs your future. As a result questions about your destiny/what is your purpose, your dream are bound to appear now and over the next six months.

My passion is to help you to take action to do so….

…. need support? One of the most common places for blocks from your ancestral influences and other lives is in your finances.

Looking To Change You?

For money is the ultimate projection screen, it does not have an agenda, so it becomes a blank canvas where we draw the pictures to illustrate the stories we tell about our life. For its energy flows in accord with our own energies.

Very often in our lives we have had to make a choice between love or money, integrity or money, virtue or money, creative fulfilment or money, loyalty or money, spiritual practice or money. Money itself makes no judgement on this, though we believe society does and so does our Lifeguard, our unconscious mind — and our relationship with money distorts as a result.

To help you create your plans for this second half of 2019, I am sharing these five suggestions:

  1. Review and write down your plans to achieve your desires for the last part of 2019, and beyond. Remember this period is about planting seeds for the next eight years.
  2. Consider and set out the major changes needing to be implemented to realise these plans and the resources to do so.
  3. Identify the skills you need to achieve these plans and how are you going to develop and add these new skills?
  4. Let go of the beliefs that have been keeping you from succeeding. What has been in the way of your success? How can you transform these obstacles?
  5. Are you aware of distractions you are allowing to shift your focus away from your dream, your soul´s desires? Are there daily practices you can introduce to help you focus?

One Spirit Work

We are planning a retreat entitled Synchronise Your Life. Starting on 17th October it will be led by Horatio, another shaman, and myself. Its week long focus will ensure you leave as a different person. This event is for you if you wish to answer any of the following:

  • Life no longer has the passion it once had?
  • Are you overwhelmed by life and all your responsibilities?
  • Feel you have lost your focus and business edge?
  • Stress is causing you pain and not sure where to turn for help?
  • Has your life turned on autopilot?
  • Wondering where you can find joy in your life?

Starting the evening of 17th October, it will be held in the calm, tranquil intimate energy of Quinta da Luz. Accommodation is limited to seven people, though we can pitch some tents for those wanting to be closer to Nature. Email me to find out more so you can be added to those seeking to bring balance to their life. To live their dream.

Mercury Adds Another Twist

Between the new and full moon eclipses Mercury goes retrograde. It is supporting the energies of both eclipses as well as the Cancer-Capricorn axis.

In addition to the usual reminders about travel, technology and communications, this one behaves differently. The retrograde starts on 7th July and lasts until the 31st.

In Leo, its call is to creatively express our uniqueness. To do so unafraid of what others might say or in seeking approval. Remember a retrograde is about reviewing, rethinking and re-imagining. It could awaken the dormant artist inside you, and/or boost your drive to create!

16th July brings the lunar eclipse and the full moon. It will be a day and period when we are being called to recognise those aspects of ourself where we are not aligned with our own authority, our power. The purpose being to ensure we are guided by our own self-responsibility.

To Living Your Dream



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Gregory Reece-Smith

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