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Ready To Master Your Life?

We are at the transition point — are you ready or not to Master your Life, building on the lessons 2019 has brought you? The year I am sure has given you many challenging situations. Each one designed by your soul to question the path you are walking. Otherwise you could remain on the path your soul knows will not achieve your full potential.

Feeling Heavy, Listless and Tired?

This is the way Creation has of showing you what you have been hiding from yourself. Included in these lessons was greater clarity as to who you really are, and what you can no longer accept as part of your life.

For many these last few weeks and months have felt heavy and often with little energy. Dragging your body around, preferring dis-traction to taking action. The dreamstate often being filled with images of past events and traumas which were thought to have been released and forgiven.

The unconscious mind, your Lifeguard is bringing them into your awareness to be acknowledged. Yes, it may feel you are going backwards as “old stuff” re-emerges. Its purpose is for you to accept them as lessons which have made you who you are.

The relevance of which was highlighted in this recent Message From Source:

“Many view the dark or shadow side of you being something to release or not recognise. To do so is to deny part of you, and not a small fragment. For in Creation Light and Dark must always remain in balance, to be equal. If that is not the case then imbalance will create conflict and more than that, will also create a direction which is not in balance….To allow one part of you to be dominant and another subservient is to deny the wholeness of yourself. Regaining this is the purpose of the coming phase.”

Which suggests to me the need to recognise very often we must feel the depth of a challenging trauma in order to expand and grow. It is from that depth we choose to transform. To head along a path we would otherwise never have chosen.

Expansion, Abundance and Wisdom

2019 has been a year of transformation — a call to change all facets of your life, work, relationships, home. Our bodies often feeling “weighed down” by the process of dissolution and releasing denseness of this and other lives.

Only then can the seeds be planted for the coming decade and beyond. To help you make the leap you have never made before: find calm, quiet your Lifeguard and ask for and allow support of Spirit to be received. Be nurturing rather than critical of yourself.

The Sagittarius new moon rose on 26th November introducing joy and freedom. Helping you to close 2019 with a sense of grace. Creating dynamic opportunities to shift your life into positive flow!

For Sagittarius reminds us to move from our comfort zone and explore new horizons. Shaking things up in this way helps us become aware of new truths and reach new levels of understanding.

Be careful with the actions and words you make and use as they will be difficult to undo during this moon phase.

Sagittarius blesses us with expansion, abundance and wisdom — this new moon adding a dash of liberation and surprising developments. The combination of Mars and Uranus may introduce a touch of impatience and impulsiveness. Instead re-direct that energy to focus on your responsibilities, to take charge of what you feel obliged to do.

Though break away from anything which feels restrictive, particularly associated with top-down authority. The streets have recently been full of this theme. This dismantling of autocratic leadership is preparing us for the planetary alignment in mid January 2020. Its purpose to ensure all voices are heard and participate in the awakening and awareness which is unfolding.

The new moon is asking you to plant the seeds of your next intention. Dare to dream outside your knowns, outside the matrix of what you think is possible. Do so even though you may feel massive indecision. Not knowing where it will take you.

Ready To Master Your Life?

For you are being invited to move toward something that will impact every area of your life. Not knowing is simply being out of touch with yourself, your feelings, and your intuition.

Or, you may not want to know, want to tell, want to discuss it, or you may just be hiding it from yourself. When I am in a space of not knowing my action is to meditate. Using those moments to slow or stop my ego-driven, left-brain thinking in order to re-connect to my intuition — which most definitely does know. When you feel deeply you will find you do know.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius, reminding you to have fun. It has also been transiting through Sagittarius since November 2018. It spends almost 13 months in each sign of the zodiac. On 2nd December Jupiter began its transit of Capricorn.

It will encourage you to take the steps to implement what you learnt in the past year and to manifest your dream. To Master your Life whilst Jupiter is in Capricorn requires dedication, a step-by-step plan, and putting in the work to achieve your desired objectives. The period to 19th December 2020 is not one for sitting and waiting.

It will require you to act from your vision. Connected to your principle and to expanding from that place of your vision. Being the entrepreneur who comes from the place of your insight and keeps following the call to be the Master of Your Life.

Erik of set it out beautifully in this post:

“I believe true life mastery comes from WITHIN. Every person has a potential which can be tapped, unlocked and used to obtain results beyond our wildest dreams.

Each one of us has the ability to put in time and effort to become the master of our own lives and pursue happiness — however happiness is defined. While a support group helps, there’s a thriving soul and spirit which is more powerful and potent inside of us than anyone else can influence or control.”

Jupiter In Capricorn Will Reset THE Clock

Jupiter in earthy Capricorn with her practical, grounded, realistic approach, will reset the clock. These two influence business and enterprise money-making in general. Established patterns and structures will be questioned and change!

Remember the events of 2008, Lehman Bros etc.? Yes, that was the last Jupiter Capricorn transit. Your clock will be reset along with humanity’s!

Expect to see changes in financial markets, as well as public policy. With a revision of society’s attitudes from exploitation toward working in harmony with Mother Earth’s resources. A conscious one which is based on integrity as well as living within our means.

Under Capricorn there are no short cuts. Rather taking considered and thoughtful steps that are meaningful. Capricorn requires dedication, resourcefulness and a conscious strategy to guide your path. Turning the seeds you have planted into a mighty tree which will provide all you desire in the coming decade and beyond.

We are being called to re-connect with Mother Earth. To birth a new relationship with first ourselves and then Mother Earth.

My passion is to help you to take action to Master your Life…

Some Questions To Help You

This new moon period is encouraging us all to explore new options and start new creative projects. This is how we expand and grow as every soul is seeking. It will also provide financial windfalls and being open to experiment and honouring your unique self.

Broaden your perspective and invite new opportunities to break through boundaries to create transformation in your life. The disruption it creates will allow you to grow.

With the arrival of Capricorn the sign of planning, manifestation and leadership, my suggestion is to create some space to contemplate your direction. To open the conversation with your inner guidance, here are some questions to ask:

1. What key Projects do you want to complete before 2019 ends?

2. Who do you want to contact, Share more time with?

3. What do you need to Release and Forgive to ensure flexibility in your life?

4. Which Objectives do you want to accomplish financially and spiritually?

5. How might you Prepare Yourself for the visionary 2020’s?

Write down your answers and remember this is a conversation of exploration and so can pass through several phases.

Restore Balance In Your Life

The last full moon phase before the solar eclipse on 26th December is on the 12th. In Gemini it is the moment to finalise, complete and consolidate. To draw a line under the last six months and 2019 as a whole.

It brings the last rare astrological event of 2019. A triple conjunction of Venus, Saturn, and Pluto. So Venus love and money will be a major focus of this moon phase. For most, it will be a difficult two weeks with Saturn creating delays and restrictions, and Pluto bringing fear and crises.

The triple conjunction will bring your home, family and intimate relationships into sharper focus. Along with money, the purpose is to restore balance in your life. Opposing forces such as work versus home, or what you need versus what you want, will create inner tension and external pressures. Adjustments will be made.

The full moon has special significance for the feminine and gives women the power and courage to create balance and harmony.

To Being The Master Of Your Life


Gregory Reece-Smith, aka the Shamanic CEO, is an author, master coach, speaker and shaman. He has worked in corporate and led technology companies worldwide; coaching fledgling organizations to those the size of the international operations of IKEA. He helps conscious entrepreneurs and executives integrate Insights and Inner Guidance with proven practical strategies, freeing them to accelerate their business and their life.

To assist you accelerate your life by shifting your beliefs and patterns of behaviour about being the Master Of Your Life, download a copy of my latest book — the “7 Mystical Ways To Accelerate Your Business And Your Life”.



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