The Four Habits You Need To Make Your Life Thrive

How to hear your inner voice

Gregory Reece-Smith
10 min readFeb 3, 2020
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We have all come into this lifetime with the intention of practising and evolving our own unique abilities, gifts and skills — to thrive in our life. Your gift may be to become an amazing parent, an inspiring creative, successful conscious business owner or a community leader.

As I dealt with the twists and turns of my business career, taking responsibility for my family and coping with life, I had no idea what that was. I had not the slightest idea about how to thrive in my life, living was challenge enough!

We are not all created the same. While each of us has a different way of creating and making decisions, we all have the same potential for wealth, health, good relationships, and happiness.

Your Soul Is Seeking More Than You Know

Because each of us is unique, wealth, health, good relationships, and happiness are different for each of us. We have our own criteria for what to thrive means for us, so determining the success we desire.

What I have discovered is that when we pass responsibility to others, we hand over our power to lead our lives the way we desire. Which means we move even further away from our soul´s own desires.

What is the result? Usually more internal conflict resulting in pain and discomfort somewhere in our mind body spirit.

The pain of this conflict is not a dysfunction or “brokenness,” it is simply your soul telling you there is more to life than you realise, and it might not look the way your head thinks it should! Nor expect it to arrive the way you think it will!

It was this understanding that led me to write the #1 best-selling The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony.

The Four Habits set out in this article are designed to enable you to step back from the emotions generated by your beliefs, allowing you to hear your inner voice and its guidance.

No longer being one of the over 85% of people who are not thriving in their life, not living to their highest potential.

Instead first remember yourself and take responsibility for all aspects of your life, for the answer is always within each of us.

As Jamais Cascio summarised it:

“Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to thrive.”

What Is A Habit?

The pivotal role they play in our lives is set out neatly in The Benefits and Dangers of Habits by Gabe Nies in Lifehack:

“We tend to act and think based on what automatically serves our most immediate needs and what we are familiar with. This often works against us in the long run because we get used to making unconscious (unaware) decisions.”

To gain control over your habits, follow these steps:

1. Bring your awareness to any current negative habits you hold (actions and thoughts);

2. Before addressing a negative habit you want to change, choose something small and manageable that will make you feel good. Add it to your daily routine; and

3. Integrate into your daily routine the new positive habit to replace the old habit you want to release.

Then observe the changes in your life as you exercise your power, allowing you to thrive.

Habit #1 Resistance

There are many ways in which we resist change and momentum in our lives. There is a part of us that prefers to stay the same, enjoys its comfort, even if those feelings are low and draining us of energy. Even if to outsiders the situation is not sustainable.

We feel safe, because the patterns are familiar to us, it is our comfort zone. This is the unconscious mind operating on the “principle of least effort”.

We generally resist change because we feel as though our safety relies on remaining in that comfort zone, what we know and have accepted. This influences all aspects of our life as any change, however small, can undermine those long-held beliefs.

It is not only what we consider to be major issues — leaving a partner, changing a job, starting a business, saying Yes instead of No, saying No instead of Yes, moving houses, countries, changing our diet or stopping an addiction.

Our minds may start to block any move to break the established habit. This is when our soul´s desire and passion for evolution, growth and release comes to the fore, this is how we thrive. Having courage to choose flexibility and freedom over the established habits of the comfort zone.

We have to actively choose to move from resistance to flow, to be kind to ourselves, taking small steps, one after the other.

Are all your habits yours?

When we take a look at our relationships, our family, we must look for any patterns flowing through our lineage. The key is to take a step back and seek to identify any patterns, in particular any unhealthy habits and attitudes which have become a consistent part of your family story.

What have you inherited from your family lineage? Much more than your dark brown eyes or blond hair. Usually there are also life themes passed down the generations. As you unpack your karmic luggage you will find creative gifts as well unresolved heartbreak, emotional conditioning and limiting beliefs.

Recognise any of these habits or patterns in your life?

  • Sense of not belonging
  • Deep sense of grief stronger than circumstances suggest
  • Regularly if not always shutting down emotionally
  • Feeling of financial scarcity and anxiety, even when not supported by your bank balance
  • Fear of having children
  • Sense of something missing in your life.

There may be resistance

When we recognise patterns such as these, we have the choice to change the habit of our unconscious repeated actions, thoughts and feelings. This may provoke resistance and take some release and forgiveness to start the process of transformation into one where we thrive.

Once we are aware of a habit, only then can we choose to start altering its embedded belief. Once the process is started it will in turn have a ripple effect on everything around you and many aspects of your life, creating your new comfort zone!

Only then can the feelings like “poor me”, “I am not worthy” or even “the world owes me, so I will take and not give back” be altered. Only then is it possible to start to claim back your life, becoming more whole, more peaceful and more joyful as you regain your power as you thrive.

Habit #2 Setting Intent To Thrive

Setting and stating your intent is very powerful, particularly when spoken and/or written. To add a magical gesture to Intent, light a candle, make an offering.

An intention is powerful because it slowly shows you how incredibly powerful you are. Often times people allow the day, the week, or the month to happen to them, and when you set an intention, you are activating your receptivity and manifesting what you intend to attract and call into your life. That is the power behind it.

When we want to make changes in our lives, we often start by creating any number of obstacles to stop us from making a change, even if a change would be to our benefit.

We can with intent strengthen our commitment to change, so communicating the message you are seeking to transform. It does not matter for what purpose, whether to release pain or whatever is keeping you from thriving in your life.

When stating your intention you claim your power to heal old wounds, leave a job, speak your truth to someone you have feared, and so on. You transform any part of your life by stating your intent.

When you set your intent you may well be challenged to be more honest and authentic with your responses. To sense the difference between the quiet voice of your inner guidance and the louder, busier one of the unconscious resistance.

The importance of your truth

This may be difficult at first as you are starting on a new way of being, speaking your truth. Though the more you work with the intent of Integrity and Truth the less you will experience internal conflict.

This will allow you to feel happier and happier, no longer afraid of judgement instead thriving.

Speaking your truth will, in turn create a greater flow of truth from those in your world. You will no longer allow yourself to be put into places, situations and relationships that you do not create joy or want to be in.

Setting intentions is not just about tangible, physical items, it is especially about how you operate internally, your internal wealth, your values.

It could be as simple as intending to have an wonderful meeting with your boss, or to have a new project that you are excited about land on your desk.

One of the most important intentions though is to open a clear line of communication to our support team, our spirit guides.

Habit #3 Connection With Your Guides

Each living person has a support team of guides. They are beings who have agreed their sole purpose, while we are embodied, is to support us in this life. The average number of guides is three to seven, depending on the needs of the soul and the life it planned.

Most people though never notice their team because it guides, working behind the scenes to allow the focus to be on us, the actors on the stage of our life.

In general all guides have to act within specific guidelines, the fundamental one of which is they cannot interfere with our free will. We are the actors on the stage of our life. Guides are required to interact with us in a way which does not attract our conscious attention.

Unless we consciously reach out to contact them. Then they can interact with us more directly, respond to requests and become more directly involved in our life. Then we can access their broader vision to help us thrive, in both our business and personal lives.

They are here to support us, though not direct or control our lives. It is though incumbent on us to open clear lines of communication.

Communication with our guides

The reason the average number of guides is three to seven is because each has a specific role to perform. The most common ones are our: physical wellbeing; relationships; resources; personal spiritual path; and spiritual service.

Each of us can increase the level of access to our guides. Though be aware when offered a preference of communication, this is usually visual. Why, because it is closest to the communication means used by souls when in their non-embodied state. Also there is far less room for confusion as to the message.

With a visual we react emotionally and are able to connect spiritually so absorbing more than just the image itself.

Improving connection with your guides

Here are four steps to help you improve connection with your guides:

  1. Give them permission to provide you with clear messages when in your dream state. Until you do so they cannot act in this way. Provide explicit permission to be more direct in your dreams and to help you remember those dreams. You can do this in a variety of ways such as in meditation and explicitly stating you are adjusting the contract so they can work this way with you.
  2. Set specific times when you are available to receive messages. I do this first thing in the morning and at the end of the day. Ask for greater clarity if the messages are not clear to you.
  3. Ensure what you are asking is not too generic or too specific for a response. Remember they are not allowed to interfere with your free will and so will often remain silent.
  4. Establish a place where you can meet each other. This could be a counsel chamber, a specific room or other creation which assists both the seen and the unseen create their own connection ritual.

Part of that ritual is finding a few moments of gratitude for what has happened to you to help you thrive.

Habit #4 Gratitude

It is essential to be grateful for every aspect we have around us. No matter how large or small. It is the air we breathe; the roof over our head; a warm bed to sleep in; the friends and family we have around us; the trees, the sun and the moon; Mother Earth.

If we do not appreciate them, how can we expect to receive more?

When you awake each morning with a feeling of gratitude your whole being starts to feel alive, your deep cellular memory feels the spark of joy. Your being feels lighter. You know what it is to thrive.

Be thankful for the comfort of your sleep, the sky, the sound of the birds singing, and, oh, there is so endlessly much to be grateful for. Make your own list, think of all that makes you feel grateful. SMILE and the world will smile with you. Stretch and maybe think “I wonder what this day will bring.” Not “Oh no not another ***** day”.

When your smile reaches your heart you have found a place that is truly in the present, for you are not worrying about that job interview, the sales call you have to make, the workplace you hate or the bills you have to pay.

Enjoy each unique moment

You are present with where you are in the very moment, there will never be another one like it!

Breathe into this moment and expand your gratitude out to your friends and family, your colleagues and celebrate that you are not alone. If your attention is in the present moment, the Now, you will walk with a full heart of gratitude knowing that all of Creation is supporting you to thrive in the world, your world.

Then that ripple effect will start to move outwards into the world around and move within as well, releasing tension and bringing peace within you as you enjoy its every aspect.

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To Enjoying Your Thriving Life



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