To Birth Your Vision Connect To Your Inner Peace

You can no longer hide from your calling

Connect To Your Inner Peace — Damir Spanic, Unsplash

It heralds the arrival of two new themes, both of which repeat on three occasions during 2020. Their influence therefore permeates the whole year.

This full moon is reminding us of the power of being ready to birth our own vision and to stand in its Light.

Having confidence to express the truth of yourself. Living your life so it reflects only your inner truth, not silencing it. Asking what you need to share, to say, or to offer which may benefit others?

Know The Contribution You Chose To Make?

It marks a transition point. For many this has been evident in the lack of a good night’s sleep and…

…for others it has been a mix of: exhaustion, fatigue, and confusion as to where you are on your path and where your life is headed; greater sensitivity to emotional triggers; and for me, the immune system taking much longer to heal a common cold or flu!

All are indicators of something deeper than the full moon on 9th February…

…rather, a general restlessness as we grapple with the form and content of our life. A re-alignment underway between our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies as we step into the unknown. Cutting away the old to allow the new to integrate.

The symbols of 2020 indicate this year as:

  • A four Universal year, it is associated with manifesting in all aspects of your life — home, career, finances, and your physical body;
  • Capricorn is the prominent sign of 2020. It fosters ambition, status, and your career or business;
  • Every planet this year is going retrograde. Each retrograde encouraging personal growth through reflection. Meaning tune into your heart so your dreams are not side-lined; and
  • All of this year´s Mercury retrogrades are in water signs. When the planet of the mind (Mercury) is in the element of water, you are being pushed to (re)connect with your calling.

To Help Build Your Structure….

Grounding your dream, putting in place the structure of the foundation you need to fulfil your dream.

The restlessness is because of the gap between your life to date and the greater vision you have for your life. As I have indicated to many, to be in this state of chaos is a good sign.

Yes, the gap may feel wide and uncrossable, it means though transition is underway. You are moving from the old state and have yet to stand in the light of the new. It also shows the vision you have created for yourself is big enough…

Here are some suggestions to help you create the structure you need in your life:

  • Create space to allow you to visualise and feel your vision. Ensure you use this space on your calendar to create your dream rather than filling it with activities which do not contribute to achieving your vision;
  • Write down the overall objectives of your plan and the key stages needed to achieve it, the steps required and those you plan to take;
  • Daily take an action or step that moves you closer to your vision — be the Capricorn goat climbing up the side of a mountain!;
  • Reflect on those aspects of your plan which will require collaboration with others and write down the qualities you will need in them; and
  • Trust the steps you take will lead you to complete your mission.

When you do what is aligned with your soul´s desires is when the unexpected appears and opportunities abound!

Practice what Leo Babatua states in his article Creating Impeccable Structure for Your Life:

It’s often more helpful to practice mindfully with the uncertainty rather than try to control it.

Birth Your Vision Based On What You Truly Want

I know this from experience — the stories are in my books!

This is the fifth consecutive full moon happening at 20º. In this case 20º each to Leo and Aquarius, creating a quadruple 20 code.

20 is about that ability to use your intuition to create balance and harmony in your life. Taking time and patience to wait for the call to speak or to act rather than trying to force events before you are ready to enjoy them. Your ability to hear and act on your intuition represents the difference between living a life of joy and one of misery.

The Leo full moon brings lion-hearted courage, emotional strength, passion, energy and drive to initiate/act boldly in the name of your life’s mission and what you most truly want. Meaning you will need to enunciate this, not assume it is known by your creative forces.

Similarly, the influence of Pluto on this full moon is to encourage you to breathe and create, state or write something you have never considered before. View this is as your genius aspect, strengthening you from your inner knowing, your inner peace. This will deepen your connection and awareness to those around you.

To live a life of joy means constantly seeking to explore and discover. Leo is adding its joy, abundance, passion and enthusiasm to encourage you to do so.

February 2020 is a six Universal month. This connects you to your heart chakra. Both two and six are relationship numbers, so romance, nurturing, passion, love, abundance, beauty and harmony are to the fore this month.

16th February begins the first of 2020´s three Mercury retrogrades. All are in water signs, beginning with Pisces — connecting to your intuition and emotions.

Create Harmony In Your Life

…the first of a three part series for 2020, is asking us to consider how we deliver the emotion/empathy of our message…

…which will probably create internal debates between your thoughts and feelings. The purpose of the tension between your heart and your mind is for you to make a choice as to your priorities. To use your reflection to bring about an internal alignment — creating harmony in your life!

Ending the war between your internal critic and your feelings/emotions. Releasing the untrue portions of your story, replacing them with ones based on self-responsibility. This retrograde could actually be favourable for empathy-driven business. Though remember to avoid launches, not sign contracts, back up your data, etc..

To me this retrograde emphasises the three most important words for starting and growing any business:

  • Trust
  • Relationships
  • Efficiency

If you want anyone to invest their time or money with you they MUST have some level of Trust in you and your abilities.

That is because life, including business is built on Relationships. As humans we have a deep-rooted need for connection with other people.

Sustained success is impossible without being Efficient. Time is our most finite resource. We therefore need to learn how to maximise the way we use it.

Meaning it is becoming ever more essential technology is applied to build trust and create relationships. Connecting with your prospects and customers as people rather than through impersonal though efficient systems — being a thriving conscious business. To stand tall in the light of the vision you have birthed.

Focus On Living Your Mission

20th February brings another opening act of a three part series. This one has Jupiter, in Capricorn, teaming-up with Neptune, in Pisces.

They provide a beneficial influence throughout 2020 for growth and expansion, even when life feels to be hard. Bringing ourselves back to a sense of hope, faith, optimism, and being in the flow. They provide essential background support for us during 2020 — suggesting there will be bumps ahead!

The more your creativity is focused on integrating your mission in your work or business in this period, the greater will be the return.

The following two days are beneficial for starting new projects or ventures as well as opening the door on new discoveries and insights. 23rd February the new moon in Pisces rises.

It will provide an incredibly motivating experience that may even encourage you to try something totally different, embracing your independence based on what you are passionate about.

Taking place during Mercury retrograde with its tension between your mind and heart, it wants to help you bring yourself into a deeper understanding of a current situation. Asking you to understand it more deeply.

A recent Message From Source provided this guidance on allowing your own vision to appear:

Continue to focus on how you may be of service, not in the sense of doing, that will follow from the being. Rather allow your own vision to appear. It is within you, waiting to be birthed and to stand in the Light of your presence. Allow yourself to feel into what you are birthing, then bring it forth to be seen by all. This is not the moment for actions, rather it is for feeling into your new life. It is your choice to accept it, amend it or reject it. There is no longer a ´this must be´about the choice to be made. It is your conscious choice alone.”

To Birth Your Vision


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