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To Create Your Destiny You Need To Speak Your Truth

The new moon in Leo is inspiring you to have the courage to speak your truth as your lion needs to be heard. To step onto the stage of life and create your destiny. To do so with confidence under its Royal sign.

This new moon is the first of a series of three new moon supermoons, two are in August. Each shining their bright light on our inner world.

Recently feeling a tad more spacious and free? This is because the eclipse shadow that felt emotional and restrictive is loosening. Allow yourself space to sing, dance, and experience joy.

Speak Your Truth and Communicate Your Uniqueness

Leo is inspiring you to embrace a courageous new way of being. The most fierce sign of the zodiac will shake up your life, especially if you are not being true to yourself.

It has no interest in the stories and beliefs you hold about yourself, your life and what is possible. Leo´s objective is to shine his spotlight on you and unearth that inner roar buried deep within.

Following the eclipses, means these movements are encouraging you to now move forward with the re-imagining the eclipses brought to the surface. The themes of self-responsibility, sovereignty, and freedom, especially related to communications, continue. Their purpose is to encourage us to communicate, to speak more clearly of our uniqueness and potential. To speak your truth.

That way they will be shared more easily and more powerfully. Those who express this confidence in their own uniqueness and accept that responsibility will gain the greatest boost.

Especially when their business is based on their purpose and the joy this brings.

To do so means we have our vision, how we sense our destiny can be created. It does not yet need a business plan to bring it into creation. Rather it is something we have begun to run toward.

The choice has been made to stop running away from something and instead head in a direction which gives us joy. We have yet to arrive at the point where a new structure provides firm ground to step on.

August is preparing us all for this year´s peak energy of September. When your creative success and your ability to communicate your presence will be at an all-time high.

Each of Us is Being Pushed to Decide What to do With Our Life

We more or less, know what do to with our life. We are just not doing it because we are scared. Fear is the most powerful of emotions. It is what keeps us in our comfort zone even when we do not enjoy it!

It is a sad reality very few people can honestly say they are completely content with every aspect of their life. Many drift through life without any clear sense of direction or dream.

We allow life to happen to us, guided by events and circumstances we believe are outside our control. Passing direction of our life to others rather than taking control ourselves.

Reading this far you will realise Spirit is offering us all the opportunity to change the rules. Running toward our destiny, only we need to choose to do so.

Creating the new paradigm based on collaboration rather than competition. Perhaps creating or accelerating your business based on what gives you joy rather than pain and dis-comfort from work.

That’s what love is.

Enjoy Moments of Inspiration and Insight

In Numerology August is an 11 in order to make sure you take back your creative power. For often we become so embroiled in the creative process — a book, a new product, website, building our business, a project or relationship we forget the reason we started it. We are no longer connected to the spark which initiated it.

August is the moment to make sure what you are doing and the ways that you are doing it are in alignment with what you learned last year and your soul´s desires.

However, for your version of the New Earth to grow around you, it needs your conscious participation. Sitting on the sidelines means you pass responsibility to others! Which does not sit well with a period emphasising personal sovereignty and leadership. Your solar plexus will let you know when not in your power!

When you are, expect to receive moments of inspiration and insight that make your heart sing, make your eyes sparkle and provide you with a skip in your step.

Leo is asking for your involvement. Your unique expression. Your voice. Your passion! If unsure then ask yourself: ”What is MY unique contribution?”; “Who do I desire to become?” The answers may surprise you.

This moon is asking us to confirm to ourselves we have accepted responsibility to take the initiative to generate the outcome our soul desires. It is offering us the space to take the lead, yet not to try and force and control the outcome.

You Are The Leader Of Your Life As You Speak Your Truth

Hence why there will be several phases. For this is a period of collaboration rather than believing “Only I know what is needed to create this…” That way we generate the most extraordinary outcome. Each standing in our own light, ALL rising into our own sovereignty and leadership.

To quote Rumi: “Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own grand myth.” That is how your soul expands.

The Leo moon will be active in all aspects of your love life. Its remit is wider than with your partner and family. Ensure you are in love with your life. Also as purposepreneurs our work is an act of love, as it is for those we work with.

The second area of activity is our finances. Accept leadership of your life and a boost becomes possible.

Remember leadership is not about taking control. Certainly seeking to force events will be counter-productive. Instead be open to collaboration and be patient.

At almost the same moment the new Leo moon rose, Mercury went direct and from Leo into Cancer. I will return to the influence the Capricorn-Cancer axis will have into 2020 in a coming article. Capricorn´s focus though is on your career, your divine mission — to speak your truth.

Its importance was set out succinctly in an article by Tony Fahkry in Medium.com: “Our truth is the language of the soul and carries strength in its meaning and significance.” As speaking is part of the way we manifest our desires, always do so with honour and integrity!

Be Open to New Ways of Enjoying Life

Mercury will be emphasising nurturing, particularly that which brings you joy and pleasure. It moves from Cancer back into Leo on 11th August. During these first 11 days of August you will be sensing those beliefs you have to still let go.

In this regard my suggestion is to listen to any messages of pain and dis-comfort from your body. Feel into the pain and ask what is it seeking? This will guide you to resolution to move through the need for pain and suffering. It is another of the old paradigms we have the opportunity to leave behind.

Listening and interpreting these messages is the theme of my first book: The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony. To help understand the broader physical signs of not speaking your truth, here is a link to a short video on Secret #5 called: “Why do I have trouble speaking up?” There is also a close connection between the throat and the solar plexus, your personal power centre.

At this new moon the Sun and Moon are conjunct Venus. The Sun and Moon are also square to Uranus, meaning Venus is square to Uranus. This will really intensify your emotional excitability, your inclination to want to change, being open to collaboration and being patient.

The involvement of Uranus means expect the unexpected as you act on your new insights, plans and experiences! Remembering Uranus embodies freedom, so engage in activities that gives you joy in a new way. Yes, remain open to new ideas, though not to be impulsive in terms of your actions.

Express who you are now with total freedom and no restrictions. Letting go of your past ideas of who you should be, stepping onto the stage of the present moment to focus on creating your desires and speaking your truth.

Shifting Your Ability to Grow

11th August also finds a swap in the planetary retrogrades. Uranus going retrograde in Taurus and Jupiter in Sagittarius going direct.

Since April the latter has been drawing us into internal philosophical reflection. It has been helping us to define the area of our lives we are seeking to grow. Going direct means prepare and ready yourself to receive this growth in the way that will bring greater happiness and success.

Uranus´ retrograde in Taurus continues until January 2020 and will shift our mind set about change. Shifting the status quo in a way which is almost a paradox — stable change! Its focus is on the same two areas as Jupiter — our expanded love life and finances.

The very same as the Leo new moon, only extending to the six months to January 2020. If you have been trying to initiate change and so far it has not seemed to go well, you will now receive a substantial boost.

My suggestion is to re-visit what you have been seeking to change. Look at it anew and reflect on the nature of change you are now seeking.

This period is also assisting us to become financially independent. To be less vulnerable to the whims of financial systems. Less the “good consumer” and more the sovereign citizen. One of the structural changes currently underway in society.

Uranus and Leo are asking us to take a risk, to be prepared to step where we have never trodden before. Our actions over the remaining months of 2019 will determine our direction for the years that follow. Your soul is asking you to plant some seeds and support their growth.

Heal Your Spiritual Awakening

Though doing so in creative ways, ones that bring freedom and excitement to all aspects of your life — including relationships and finances. Chiron went retrograde last month and until mid-December is helping you understand how your feelings can help or hinder your spiritual awakening. Helping complete any healing needed.

My passion is to help you to take action to do so….

….need support? Perhaps this is a moment to Quest to help gain your clarity?

Encompass Both The Macro and The Micro

As a precursor to the energies of the second half of August Aries moves into Virgo, also on 11th August. This is to help us be aware of both the macro and micro aspects of what we are creating. Its call is to ensure our standards of ethic, value, quality and purity are present in every aspect of our life, business and personal.

The full moon in Aquarius rises on the 15th, followed by the second or black new moon on 30th August. The Aquarian need for emotional freedom is going to felt in the calves, ankles, shins, Achilles, forearm muscles and thyroid hormones. Whereas the second new moon in Virgo will be felt in the pancreas, small intestine, cecum, colon, digestive tract, duodenum, rectum and the eyes and ears.

To Speak Your Truth

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