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Full moons are about bringing aspects of our life to our awareness and so completion. This is when we acknowledge those beliefs that keep us from being in harmony with others, Mother Earth and ourselves.

They are always a moment of culmination and endings. They also bring clarity — bringing to light all that has previously been hidden.⁠⁠

The full moon on the very last day of October, challenged us all to do so. Startling news may also come to light.

The good news is that all this tension and adversity help expose the roots of our challenges, both individually, in our relationships, and collectively. It is the moment to have those hard conversations you have long pushed aside.

Only then can solutions be co-created so we can move forward freely.

Taurus is an Earth sign and is ruled by the sensual goddess of love and beauty Venus…

…so Taurus highlights the pleasures in life — good food, sensual touch, comforts…

…as well as a deep love of material treasures.

Encouraging us to acquire and consolidate wealth by cultivating all available resources. Whilst pledging to do so by causing no harm to others. Rather caring for one and all, so creating harmony in our life together.

The Taurus full moon is questioning when did you last connect consciously with Mother Earth? Connecting with her is free. Perhaps this is why so many do not value doing so?

Are you allowing yourself to receive her abundance? Does this manifest in a lack of abundance in your life?

Uranus Lights The Blue Touch Paper

There is another twist to the energy of this moon, for it is a miniscule 3º from Uranus. The planet symbolises lightning change from a soul-spiritual perspective that brings to light the naked truth from our individual, unconscious depths.

However, the more we procrastinate, the more emotionally painful the process that is underway.

In addition to governing what you value, Taurus also rules your throat.

⁠⁠Perhaps you are recognising how you have been suppressing your truth. Preferring to follow what others indicate rather than your own values and truths? So not being in your own power. ⁠⁠

On how many occasions have you not said what you feel to someone because you were trying to protect them from the truth? Or, were afraid of how they might no longer love you because of what you said?⁠⁠

For many this is the “elephant in their room”!

Uranus is moving through Taurus for seven years. It is creating a period when each of us breaks from the norm to discover our OWN truth, our OWN values, our OWN self-worth, and our OWN unique way of living. Generating income and living a fulfilling, contented, life.

It is encouraging each of us to break from external control/manipulation and exploitation. No matter whether our rebellion is against external individuals, family members, jobs, and institutions that limit, confine, or control our self-expression.

Mother Earth Is Seeking…

In this we are helped by Mercury, the planet of communication going direct on 3rd November. This is only a precursor to the events of the middle of November.

These will provide a drive and focus to succeed, particularly in business and reforming systems. Jupiter and Pluto provide a powerful influence to improve your life.

My one word of caution is that extremes of weather are evident. Add to this seismic activity and Mother Earth is reminding us of her desire for harmony in a sustainable co-operative relationship with humanity.

Are we listening?

Daily Action:

Cultivate the inner peace within you and allow it to flow all through your being. This will then be reflected around you as you learn to trust in your own authority.

Please Share

We are at the culminating point of 2020. Events are reminding us to look within, for it is only here can we acknowledge what we have learnt and so initiate our re-birth.

Then you can resolve to make the necessary changes to improve your life ready for the arrival of the Age of Aquarius.

My desire is to help all to live life on their own terms. So please DO share and pass this post to others you love.

To Improving Your Life


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Gregory Reece-Smith, aka the Shamanic CEO, is an author, creator, speaker and shaman. He has worked in corporate and led technology companies worldwide; coaching fledgling organisations to those the size of the international operations of IKEA. He helps conscious entrepreneurs and executives integrate Insights and Inner Guidance with proven practical strategies, freeing them to accelerate their business and their life.

Download a copy of his latest book — the “7 Mystical Ways To Accelerate Your Business And Your Life” to begin accelerating your life.

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Gregory Reece-Smith

Gregory Reece-Smith

Author. Creator, the Shamanic CEO. My calling is to guide all to live a life of fun and joy as we move through this period of transition.