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Your Greatest Potential Will Light Your Way

We are in one of those periods in history when we are being called to follow our greatest potential. Put simply it is change or die!

The full moon on 15th August is helping us remember that new possibilities await us. It helps us light the way forward. However, we need to take action to initiate them.

Discover What You Have Not Experienced

In Aquarius, looking backward to what we know we have experienced is not going to help us embrace and align with these new possibilities. This is true for all aspects of your life — relationships, accelerating your business or starting it.

The energy of Aquarius reminds us that moving forward just might mean stepping into something that has not yet occurred to us. Those answers can only be discovered by stepping into the unknown, where you have never been before.

We are being encouraged to head in a direction which gives us joy. One which uses our unique abilities, gifts and skills — our genius to create something new. That is when the light bulb will come on.

To find these, my suggestion is to start with Dan Sullivan´s advice in his article on starting a business “From my own experience, I’d say that as an aspiring entrepreneur, look to your childhood for clues to things you were passionate about and that came easily to you — your natural talents.”

Once you do you will find you are at the point where the new structure, the new paradigm you create provides firm ground to step on. Lighting your way ahead.

As I was finalising this post I received an email from Mindvalley´s founder — Vishen Lakhiani. In it he referred to a speech he is giving. He described it in terms of this is the moment “to abolish the long-expired broken model of work, which has been largely unchanged since the early 20th century — and invent a new paradigm.

Help for each of us to create our new paradigm began when Jupiter went direct on 11th August. It only passes through its own sign once every 12 years. Jupiter´s message is to make the most of the opportunity and support which will appear over the coming almost four months. This is when the mists obscuring your way forward will be clearing so you can see the light.

Allow Moments for Inspiration and Insight

Remember August is preparing us all for this year´s peak energy of September.

When your creative success and your ability to communicate your presence will be at an all-time high.

Because Uranus also went retrograde on the 11th, expect the unexpected. If you have been yearning for something really special to happen in your life, this is the moment! Take your courage in both hands, take the risk you have been afraid to before.

Uranus being retrograde in Taurus is going to enable change which is less disruptive. Yes leaving the status quo, though making it easier to shift your mind set about change. Its focus is on the same two areas as Jupiter — our expanded love life and finances.

Looking backward to what we know, your experiences are not going to help you embrace and align with the new possibilities. Instead contemplate the future you want to create, the one where your greatest potential lies.

Allow the energy of this highly creative Aquarius full moon to imagine. When you imagine what you want, you begin the process of creation, manifestation. Change starts with what we believe to be crazy ideas. Allow yourself to dream outside the box of your experiences and be open to new possibilities!

Remind yourself it is your life you are creating, with a structure that suits you not one imposed on you. Then you are accepting responsibility to take the initiative to generate the outcome your soul desires, your greatest potential. It is your choice as to its exact form.

For we are in the age of awakening, the Aquarian age. Shifting humanity into a high vibrational acceptance of who we are, enhancing our confidence to take action, making it visible to ourselves.

Express Yourself Clearly to Fulfil Your Greatest Potential

One way to provide your Lifeguard, your unconscious mind, with new experiences is to connect your vision with strong, positive emotions whilst you picture it in your mind or explore its sense.

Allow feelings of love, joy, gratitude, and peace to flow through you as you experience it.

Your unconscious mind, your Lifeguard will absorb the messages as an experience. Helping to create the new comfort zone to be replayed later.

This requires we first open ourselves to our own intuition. Opening that internal relationship so you are listening to its guidance rather than being caught in the drama triangles of our past. No matter whether from this life, other lives or ancestral.

All are reflected in the critical inner voice of our Lifeguard guiding us to not do something because….. All can be altered.

My passion is to help you to take action to move beyond these limitations…

….need support? Perhaps this is a moment to Quest to help gain your clarity?

The words we use are an essential part of making the change to living to our greatest potential. Define yourself how you want to be, by saying you are. That directs your unconscious mind to find the positive. The powerful. The truth! And hold your focus!

The life you desire is not created by if, buts, perhaps and maybes! Never, “Perhaps it will happen,” rather, “It is happening.”

Not, “I don’t know,” rather “I know.”

Never, “I will start my business/project,” rather “I have started my business/project.”

Create New Ways to Enjoy Life

Neural science and Spirit both indicate the answer is to rejoice in what you enjoy in life. Then you attract more. The more you focus on and use words expressing what you do not enjoy or cannot do, the more of those you will attract.

At a full moon the sun and moon are opposite each other. At this Aquarius moon they do so at 22º. According to Tony Bushby in The Secret in The Bible — 22 was known to the Egyptian priests as “a writing from God himself”. Hence the number was also known as the architect of peace. David Hawkins gave peace, the state of bliss, a 25% higher resonance than unconditional love.

This full moon is about creating harmony in your own energy. From that will then appear your own true genius, use it to create and fulfil your own destiny.

Other planetary alignments are highlighting this alongside the desire to be of service. Providing the opportunity to create and convey your discoveries and the meaning of your life, your ideas to others.

Which means advising, helping and facilitating healing for others. Knowing exactly what to say, what to do as you follow your intuition. This is going to challenge your trust in yourself, your destiny and the messages from your soul.

16th August is a good day to help yourself become aware of your thoughts, and where any sign of resistance is coming from. My suggestion is to write down your thoughts, spend a tad longer in mindfulness, or have a healthy debate with a respectful, self-possessed peer/friend. Being mindful of the words you use.

Complementing Your Greatest Potential

Between 18th and 29th August, Mars, Venus, the Sun and finally Mercury enter Virgo. Followed on 30th August by the new black moon rising, also in Virgo.

The call of Virgo is to cure cultural ills. It also seeks to bring our attention to detail and critical insight to the sense of service relating to its call. The objective being to re-introduce standards of ethics, quality and nobility into our culture. I can hear many say — “about time!”

Every two years Venus and Mars team up to initiate a new relationship cycle, they do this on the 24th. Whether it is a new life, new relationship, or a new creative project, today will set your creative juices flowing.

The new black moon with five planets also in Virgo is quite unusual. The new moon forms what is known as a Grand Earth Trine. Supporting manifestation, this new moon boosts support for making visible what you desire to create. It will also seem easier to express yourself.

This period is also assisting us to become financially independent. To be less vulnerable to the whims of financial systems. Less the “good consumer” and more the sovereign citizen. Another of the structural changes currently underway for us all.

The Aquarian need for emotional freedom is going to be felt in the calves, ankles, shins, Achilles, forearm muscles and thyroid hormones. Whereas the following new moon in Virgo will be felt in the pancreas, small intestine, cecum, colon, digestive tract, duodenum, rectum and the eyes and ears.

To Shining Your Light



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Gregory Reece-Smith

Gregory Reece-Smith


aka the Shamanic CEO, Creator and Best-Selling Author. My calling is to guide all to live a life of fun and joy as we move through this period of transition.